The phrase Div means sky, heavenly world, mild or working day. Because the earth gets its light from the stars or planets that appear to be embedded in the blue roof of the sky, so Div means light of the sky. Book of Genesis has also known as the light as day. The phrase day in English is a form of the phrase Div in Vedic Sanskrit language.Davi: Th… Read More

Have you observed how each headline that arrives out lately is doom and gloom? Unemployment is increasing; foreclosures are at an all time higher, gas heading to the moon, meals prices uncontrolled. However I don't see any headlines that say workers salaries are at all time highs, gas is coming down as oil prices dive, meals costs arrive back again… Read More

One of the pervasive myths of the Occupy Wall Road movement is that 1 percent of the populace controls ninety nine % of wealth. Conversely, the occupiers, who claim to be among the other 99 percent, are still left with only 1 % of the country's wealth. The truth is accessible in online data from the U.S. government.Everyone needs cash at some stage… Read More

Motor Club of America provides the best selection of benefits,products and services to motorist and non motorist inside the United States and Canada. Advantages variety from simple, free roadside help, clinic and Unexpected emergency Space reductions, auto incident protection, hotel and vehicle rental discounts, Bail Bonds, and a lot, much more. MC… Read More

The Indians, who began the time in blizzard, will not item at all if they ending it in blizzard. But if they do? Let it blizzard, let it blizzard, let it blizzard.43. Barack Hussein Obama - socialist president hires and appoints all leftist/liberal thinking individuals. Only 10%25 of them have any company experience. None have any financial savvy. … Read More